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Justice for Our Neighbors is a faith driven ministry, welcoming immigrants into our communities by providing  high quality, immigration legal services, education, and advocacy.

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Meet Our Clients


“Alicia” was a victim of victim of domestic violence whose husband beat her nearly to the point of unconsciousness in front of their two young children and tried to run over the family with his vehicle when they returned home to get clothes and shoes. Through the efforts of Justice For Our Neighbors of Tennessee, she was able to get a Victim of Crime visa, enabling her to better provide for her two children and prevent her abuser from threatening further harm because of her immigration status.

Estefan came to the United States with his mother in 2004.  After her death, Estefan was alone in a strange land without identification or immigrant documentation.  Through Justice For Our Neighbors of Tennessee, Estefan has applied for Special Immigrant juvenile Status.  Now 16, he is most excited about getting a drivers license.

Active Cases as of January 1, 2014

151 individuals

  • 53 U visas and family members
  • 53 Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals
  • 45 Other

2013 Outcomes

  • Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals: 36
  • Visas for victims (U visas) received: 37 in 2013, 165 since founding in 2008
  • Temporary Protected (catastrophic event took place in their home country (earthquake, civil war) : 16
  • Green cards for U visa clients:  14 in 2013, 78 since founding in 2008
  • Special Immigrant Juvenile Status: 2 in 2013; 5 since started taking cases in 2012
  • Other: 24
  • Legal Consultations:  197 
 Justice for Our Neighbors has its roots in the United Methodist Committee on Relief.  We welcome all faiths and traditions as clients, volunteers and board members.

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